Retroactive Northeast Presents
The New England Shake-Up!

Below was the lineup for 2014! We'll be announcing the 2015 lineup in January on Motorbilly Radio!...

Since forming in 1988, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys have emerged as one of the world's most respected practitioners of American roots music.
Twenty-five years, fourteen albums & hundreds of thousands of miles... What a dream it’s been.

The band was formed in 1998 by Joey Simeone (lead vocalist/songwriter) and Josh Williams (upright bass), in Austin, Texas. Although ATX has long been a stronghold for roots music, the band had clearly broken the “rockabilly” mold on arrival. With an original songbook distilling Hank Williams heartbreak and Beatles melody, driven home by Joey’s virtuosic singing and stripped-down
instrumental backing, The Bellfuries quickly developed a strong following.

The Modern Don Juans are a collaboration of four rock and roll lovers who have been in some of the most prominent rockabilly bands on the scene. Living in Austin, Texas, this Lone Star concoction of Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Blues, and all that is rockin' includes Tony Estrada (Star Mountain Dreamers), Bobby Trimble (Big Sandy & his Fly Rite Boys), Tjarko Jeen (Ronnie Dawson), Todd Wulfmeyer (Marti Brom & her Jet Tone Boys)

Bloodshot Bill will be putting together an amazing band just for the Shake-Up!

"Cash's music is honest to the core and absolutely corrupt. It’s anchored in deep-rooted southern spirituality and at the very same moment it is sinister and frightening. It’s real. They got the spirit like it’s a new religion. They reveal the true country-punk nature of rockabilly and re-interpret the best tendencies of our forefathers while they were on their worst behavior."
- Robert "Bo" White - The Review

In your mind’s eye, picture being in Hollywood, 1964-65, nearly any night of the week. The period just before the riots on Sunset Strip, before the Summer of Love. A hot, smoky nightclub full of sharply dressed beautiful people – studio moguls, TV stars, young starlets before they became award-winning actresses, the usual hangers-on. And up on the stage, four guys in sharkskin suits – or is it natty blazers and turtlenecks? –wailing away for hours and delighting clubgoers with a slice of the British Invasion …

"Amber Foxx Has played the Viva Las Vegas, Greenbay Rockin' 50's Fest, and Rockabilly Rave music festivals as well as numerous clubs all over California. They currently have 2 CD's "Restless and Wild" and HiFi Party". She is also included on the West Coast Ramble DVD Vol. 3 and the "Havin' A Ball" DVD documenting the Rockabilly Rave from 2008."

Leaving a trail of stained pillows, broken hearts and busted amps in their wake... The Greasemarks have been doin' 50's rockabilly loud, nasty & right since 2007.

Jittery Jack brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50's inspired Rock 'n' Roll.

Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings play rock and roll the right way. The powerhouse Albany NY combo has wowed crowds at Manhattan's Rodeo Bar, Seattle's Tractor Tavern and all points in-between; and they've done it with uncommon fervor, commitment and flair. The Gretsch-toting Gamsjager draws from a deeper well than most roots rock acts, giving his music a breadth and depth while still keeping the bar hopping and the dance floor filled.

Since their launch back in '96, their live shows have been packin' honky tonks, bars, and music venues. They enjoy having one of the most loyal followings within the local rockabilly scene, but beyond that they are considered to be one of the best traditional rockabilly bands in the entire Northeast.

l Formed in early 2010, Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio hail from San Diego, California. San Diego Reader Music Critic Bart Mendoza describes the group as... “Mixing country, roots rock and rockabilly. Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock Trio have come up with an authentic sound that captures their musical heroes. The band strives for an authenticity that extends from vintage gear, to their dress, as they turn out nice originals in the spirit of their influences. With excellent musicianship and smooth-crooning from Rapid, this band is a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

The four members of Toronto’s Millwinders are no strangers to the Rockabilly scene, having played previously in bands such as “The Royal Crowns”, “Real Gone”, “The Tin Eddies” and "Cool Jerk". Together just over 3 years, this quartet has been making a name for themselves quickly, entertaining crowds with their traditional rockabilly, and R&B infused sound.

Lynnette and the Longshots play 1960s-style country and rockabilly music. The band features Lynnette Lenker on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Andy Pinkham is on lead guitar and vocals. Derek Malone or Phil Lenker play standup bass.

Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins began in 2006 as a band that needed to fill tracks on an up-coming Ropin' Records various artists release. The name came from New England rockabilly legend Ricky Coyne's song "Rollin' Pin Mim" which is covered by The Rollin' Pins and released on their 2008 CD!

Closing out Sunday night at the New England Shake-Up...