Retroactive Northeast Presents
The New England Shake-Up!

Lineup for Year 4... September 2016 will be announced on January 20th on Motorbilly Radio!
(Below was the lineup for Year 3, 2015.)


The band was formed in 1998 by Joey Simeone (lead vocalist/songwriter) and Josh Williams (upright bass), in Austin, Texas. Although ATX has long been a stronghold for roots music, the band had clearly broken the “rockabilly” mold on arrival. With an original songbook distilling Hank Williams heartbreak and Beatles melody, driven home by Joey’s virtuosic singing and stripped-down
instrumental backing, The Bellfuries quickly developed a strong following.

Los Angeles-based musician Kim Lenz has been cultivating her take on rockabilly since 1998, releasing four albums, including a pair for Hightone Records – one of the most influential labels in the genre – and playing hundreds of dates around the world. Already a recognized force on the roots music scene, Lenz is now poised for a breakthrough with her newest album Follow Me, out now on Riley Records.

Jan Svensson, from Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers, will be coming all the way from Sweden to hit the New England Shake-Up stage! He'll be backed by members of Jittery Jack!

London based Dollar Bill is joining us again at this year's Shake-Up with his bluesy, stompy sound. He was a hit at Year One, which was his first US appearance, and we're thrilled to have him back for his second US appearance.

Flea Bops were never supposed to have been a band. But fate stepped in and took over. Way back in 1992, Bill Hull of Go Cat Go spotted Ronnie's distinctive hairstyle while both were in an auto parts store. Bill (being a man of very little hair) asked Ronnie if he was a rockabilly fan and invited him to that night's Go Cat Go show at a local restaurant. Ronnie, curious to find out if there could be a "real" rockabilly band in Southern Maryland of all places, went. At that show, Ronnie met Preston and Wendy. A few weeks later, Lance, drummer for Go Cat Go, hopped on as drummer.. and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jittery Jack brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50's inspired Rock 'n' Roll.

The Garnet Hearts Trio started in 2003 with Eddie MacIntosh and Mark Pettijohn of the 1990′s teenage frantics The Boom Boom Cats. With the addition of backbone bassist John Bozarth and guitarist Nick Borek, the boys have played all over the country (including Viva Las Vegas 12) and have built a solid reputation based on critical acclaim for their songwriting as well as fan popularity for an authentic sound and entertaining stage show.

Stu Arkoff, former frontman of cult-icons Zombie Ghost Train, returns with a killer 'swampy-tonk' sound. "A Man Called Stu" combines surf-swamp with classic 50s honky-tonk. It's film noir meets classic country in a lowdown cowboy serenade. The darkly charismatic singer's influential style has led to his music being featured in movies, documentaries and TV shows including the hit American southern vampire series 'True Blood'. Swampy, twangin' and hauntingly good.

Soulfully serenading with original compositions and classic gems, singer/songwriter Kay Marie brings the essence of early Americana to the modern stage. Appealing to fans of all ages with a true interpretation of American Roots Music, Kay Marie merges traditional country, blues, and rock n' roll to create a time-honored yet distinctive sound.

Purveyors of the finest in Original and Traditional Hard Hittin' Hillbilly & Honkytonk Music since 1999!

Boston rockabilly legends, the Crank-Tones, are making a rare appearance at this year's Shake-Up! Don't miss it!

Born in the death house of Parchment Prison Farm, and sired by werewolves, The Unholy Four are a quartet of hell-raising hooligans bent on giving the devil his due by making unearthly noise up and down the west coast!
"Playboy" Ricky McCann and Randall Stanton hold down the back beat and bass fiddle, while up on six strings, "Spanish" Mike Sobieski, creates devilish licks and leads. All of this fury is caught in a catchers mitt, shined up with black tar and thrown with a wicked curve by the redneck high screeching sound of one "Lil Mo" Everett, on loan to Lucifer from the fabulous Los Angeles doo-wop octet, The Dynaflos.

Rocky Velvet formed in NY as young men just out of high school. Over the years, they've cultivated a reputation as one of the America's premiere roots rock and roll bands. Metroland, the newsweekly of NY's Capital Region, crowned them “Best Band.” This reputation didn't come easily because they seemed more like a legend than an actual band. Rocky Velvet is the real deal, tapping into the analog spirit of Sun Records and the ghosts of dusty ‘50s roadhouses. They've spent a long time acquiring and mastering their language and now Rocky Velvet is a revved, fit and rockin’ machine.

Serious songwriting from years of hardship, road experience and inner turmoil. All blended together by friends, fueled on cold beer and roasted chicken... The way it used to be. Over 10 years of relentless touring has cemented SASQUATCH AND THE SICK-A-BILLYS as one of the most high gear, powerhouse bands around. Keeping real music alive and dangerous in the under-underground. Risen from a not so forgotten past, when Rock N Roll, Metal, Country and Blues still meant something... bloody fingertips and a soul-haunting voice will deliver you songs about Sin, Love, Murder, Tornadoes and drinking until you wake up under a random barstool.

After much talking about starting up a new band Jeff and Scott Lyons decided they would go full throttle and do just what they sent out to do, which is create an authentic sound with a wild rocking flare to it.After the two decided it was time Jeff contacted Jack Hanlon to join the line up and Stan Kozlowski. Between the rocking vocals and stage persona of Jeff, the wonderful playing of Scott, slapping of the doghouse bass by Jack, and the superb drumming of Stan, the BopThrills are sure to have everyone dancing and sending the audience home remembering the show they just witnessed.

Closing out Sunday evening, Sean Mencher will be at ringleader for our Jamboree... surprises are in store, for sure!

Performing live on Sunday
at the New England Shake-Up Pool Party...

Hailing from the fantastic capital city of Albany NY, Ritz Carlton is a man on a mission to spread legs and love. His special brand of loungy, love making music will undoubtedly tantalize and titillate, as you lounge by the pool on Sunday afternoon.

Shorty Poole, from the West Coast band The Hula Girls, has put together an exclusive band, just for the Shake-Up Pool Party. They'll be playing classic Hawaiian steel guitar tunes, as well as a few rare gems.